Wis. (WLAX.WEUX) – Ships loaded with grain are still departing Ukrainian ports right now. That is despite Russia suspending its participation in a U-N-brokered deal. The U-N said on Tuesday that three ships carrying corn, wheat, and sunflower meal left through a humanitarian sea corridor set up in July. A total of 14-ships also sailed Monday. Russian President Vladimir Putin now says that the country is not ending its participation in the deal, but rather is suspending it. Adding Ukraine must guarantee there will be no threats to the civilian vessels or to Russian supply vessels.

Banks spent more than a billion dollars in ransomware-related payments last year. That is the latest information from the Treasury Department. That is more than double the amount from 2020 and the most ever reported. The sharp increase may be because banks are getting better at tracking and reporting payments.

If you cannot live without Bacon, head to Las Vegas. There is a restaurant that is just opened called “Bacon Nation”. It is where you can go if you want everything bacon. We’re talking 13 gourmet bacon flavors including lemon pepper, black truffle, chocolate, jalapeno, barbecue, and more. And you can order it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night, so 24-7. You can dine in or you can pick up your order to go with orders placed in lockers; a so-called “piggy bank”.

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