I’m Clinton Griffiths, with today’s AgDay Minute.

Higher food prices are changing the way people are eating around the world right now. Bloomberg reports that with prices rising for basics such as cooking oil, meat, and bread, people are cutting back. In India, for instance, restaurants along roadsides are halving their use of palm oil, selling fewer fried snacks and more steamed foods. Along the Ivory Coast, bakers want to cut the weight of a baguette because of the rising cost of wheat due to the war in Ukraine.

Every day seems to bring new reports of deadly bird flu in poultry. With “Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza” cases now confirmed in 45-commercial operations and 32-backyard flocks. It’s believed the virus is being spread by wild birds. However, experts say there is a bit of good news. The outbreak has, so far, not impacted as many birds as a similar outbreak did in 2015. They also say producers have been doing a good job reporting sick birds and that has led to faster quarantine and depopulation.

If you like cheese, a California company called Wheyward Spirit is now turning cheese byproducts into alcohol. They’re using Whey, the liquid that comes from curdled and strained milk. In 2020, they produced 100-billion pounds of the stuff. Wheyward is fermenting that liquid to create its signature drink. It says so far, it’s processed half a million pounds of whey that otherwise would have been wasted.

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