I’m Clinton Griffiths with today’s AgDay Minute.

Happening Tuesday, union members will decide whether to accept a new contract proposal reached between the UAW and John Deere.

Under the new contract being proposed, union workers would get wage increases of 10-percent. The deal would cover more than 10-thousand workers in Iowa, Illinois, and Kansas. Union workers went on strike against the company last month. It’s the first against Deere by the UAW in more than three decades.

Quite a Tweet from Tesla’s Elon Musk, saying he is willing to donate six billion dollars to end world hunger. Musk made the offer in response to a claim by the director of the UN World Food Program.

The director says six billion dollars would help millions around the world suffering from famine, but Musk said the director must prove and detail how the money would be spent. The director later says six billion dollars would actually not end world hunger, but would quote “prevent geopolitical instability, mass migration and save 42-million people on the brink of starvation,” end quote.

Kraft Mac and Cheese has been getting pretty crafty when it comes to new flavors, and now it’s giving fans the chance to try out new seasoning blends before they hit the stores. The company introduced an exclusive “flvrs” club, and becoming a member is a multi-step process that includes signing up on Kraft’s website and then acting on social media ‘drops.’

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