I’m Clinton Griffiths with today’s AgDay Minute.

It’s being called a medical breakthrough; a man now has a pig’s heart. The transplant surgery was performed by a team at the University of Maryland Medicine. This is the first time ever that a full pig’s heart has been used. It was genetically modified to remove three genes from the donor pig that are responsible for rejection. For 57-year-old patient David Bennett of Maryland, the heart transplant was his last option. He said it was either die or do the transplant, adding that he wants to live.

The amount of milk available to drink is on the decline. Milk available to drink went down 42-percent from 1979 to 2019, going from just over 28-gallons per person to a little more than 16-gallons. Whole milk drove the drop falling nearly 67-percent, while the amount of low-fat, skim, and 1-percent milk grew slightly. Experts say the drop in availability is due to competition, an older population, and changing consumer attitudes.

Want a healthier heart? Using olive oil instead of margarine or butter when cooking might be a better choice. Researchers studied more than 90 thousand people for up to 30-years, then compared their diets to records of disease and death. They found people who reported eating the highest levels of olive oil had a lower risk of dying from heart conditions.

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