I’m Clinton Griffiths with today’s AgDay Minute.

Job openings right now are at a 20-year high, especially hard hit, the food industry and time are running out for them to get back to full-force, as more Americans are eager to spend their money, thanks to warmer weather and businesses reopening. Some restaurant owners say federal programs are holding them back from a full rebound. Others say women, in particular, seem to be more reluctant to return to the workforce, due to childcare issues and low pay concerns.

John Deere, suprising the market to end last week…with stronger-than-expected second quarter earnings.

Deere reporting earnings for the three months ending in April were 5-68 per share.

That’s more than double from the same time last year.

Worldwide sales increased by 30-percent…thanks to big demand for farm and construction equipment.

And two states could one day take on a new shape. That’s after seven eastern Oregon counties voted to consider joining Idaho. A group called “Greater Idaho” creating a map of what the states would like like if the maps were redrawn. Conservative supporters in the mostly rural eastern and southern counties of Oregon say they’re better off in Idaho’s more conservative political environment. But in order for it to happen, both Oregon and Idaho’s legislatures would have to agree and it would also have to be approved by Congress.

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