North Koreans Encouraged to Eat Black Swan Meat


I’m Clinton Griffiths with today’s AgDay Minute.

There’s word North Korea is dealing with what’s being called a “tense” food situation right now. So much so, that the country’s state media is promoting the consumption of black swan meat as a valuable food source. The ruling party newspaper quoted as saying that black swan meat is delicious and has medicinal value. South Korea’s intelligence agency says North Korea’s leader had called for every grain of rice to be secured, and that there is an all-out effort devoted to farming.

The supply chain crunch, coupled with fewer workers and crop disease, is expected to heavily impact US mushroom production this year. The American Mushroom Institute warns the problems could significantly reduce the holiday supply of mushrooms. It says when any single ingredient is compromised in growing mushrooms, it can impact a grower’s ability to mitigate crop threats and maximize yields.

How does this sound, strawberries that will stay fresh longer and have a longer growing season? It looks like it’s about to become a reality. Two companies say they expect to launch the first commercially available, gene-edited strawberries within a few years. US growers produced 2.2 billion dollars in strawberries last year, but its estimated consumers threw out an estimated 35-percent of the crop due to spoilage.

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