I’m Clinton Griffiths with today’s AgDay Minute.

Expect prices to rise for that morning bowl of cereal…Right now…oat prices are at an all-time high. December oats, trading on Wednesday well above the 7-dollar mark, up another six cents on Wednesday. Over the last year, prices are up nearly 150-percent. It’s all thanks to extremely dry weather in key growing regions including the Dakotas and the Canadian prairies. It’s estimated the drought cut US oat production this year by up to 40-percent. USDA says this year’s oat crop was the smallest on record at almost 40-million bushels.

And a hike in the cost of wheat is alarming French households that fear a possible rise in the price of the prized baguette. People are being warned that the long, crunchy French staple could be going up in price by up to six cents in American money, with a single loaf going above the 1-dollar mark. It may not seem like much but it has only gone up a few cents in the last 20-years. The price is seen as a barometer of the country’s economic health.

Which Halloween candy is the favorite in the state where you live? This interactive map holds the answer. It shows the most popular holiday treat in every state. Candystore.com says it used 14-years’ worth of data to put together the map. To check it out, go to candystore.com and look under the blog tab.

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