I’m Betsy Jibben with today’s AgDay Minute.

Food prices at the grocery store continue to rise and those increases are being influenced by the pandemic. Take a look at this graphic from USDA. It shows grocery store prices were 5.6 percent higher in June of 2020, compared to June of 2019. You can see prices were up for everything except fresh fruits. The agency says the pandemic disrupted supply chains of several commodities-and affected people’s food spending patterns-which put upward pressure on wholesale and retail food prices.

With more people eating at home right now, Nestle USA says it needs to expand. The company is starting a 100-million dollar expansion effort at its plant in Jonesboro, Arkansas. That plant makes Hot Pockets. The expansion will add 90-thousand square feet and another production line to the plant. The company also plans to hire 100-additional workers over the next two years. The plant’s manager says people have rediscovered convenient frozen foods.

A survey says many teachers believe online learning will remain long after the pandemic ends. Moreland University did a survey of teachers in the U.S. and abroad showing 60-percent of them believe online education will play a significant role in schools, even after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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