I’m Clinton Griffiths with today’s AgDay Minute.

People are heading back to restaurants and chicken wings continue to be in short supply.

This tell-tale chart from the U-S-D-A, showing what’s in cold storage as of March. On the left, you see broiler meat which is chicken you can see in yellow that what’s in cold storage is at record lows.
Production is also down 3-percent from last year. On the right, chicken wings specifically. They’re at their lowest level in cold storage since 2012.

The U-N Food Agency says the costs of importing food are expected to reach record levels this year. It says nations classified as Low- Income Food-Deficit country could see their costs jump by 20- percent this year.

Reuters says it’s because nearly all agricultural commodities are costing more now and a rally in energy markets could boost the cost to produce food. The F-A-O’s monthly food price index recently hit a 10-year high in May.

Do you know where Niagara Falls is located? Apparently many Americans don’t!

A survey of 2-thousand people was conducted by One Poll and commissioned by the folks at Charmin. It found 22-percent of those asked believe Niagara Falls is actually in Iceland not on the New York-Canadian border.

Which only 32-percent identified. 51-percent were able to identify the Redwood Forest is in California. Only 38-percent knew the Grand Canyon is in Arizona.

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