I’m Clinton Griffiths with today’s AgDay Minute.

Tyson Foods is giving out bonuses to its frontline workers to the tune of 50 million dollars in total. Tyson said in a release that it’s due to their efforts over the past year. It says for team members in the US, the one-time bonuses will be based on tenure, and they range from 3 hundred to 7 hundred dollars. They will be distributed starting this month. Tyson’s president and CEO, Donnie King said, “This is yet another way for us to say thank you and show how grateful we are for our frontline teams’ efforts to keep each other safe, our company strong and our world fed over the past year.”

Jack In The Box is branching out from its popular burger business. It says it has acquired Del Taco, the second-largest Mexican fast-food chain in the US. The deal is worth approximately 575 million dollars. The combined company will have more than 28 hundred locations across 25 states.

Authorities in Colombia seized hundreds of tarantulas, scorpions, and roaches that they say two German citizens were attempting to smuggle through the airport in their suitcases! Their stash of creepy crawlers included 232 tarantulas and nine spider eggs! The pair claimed to be taking them for academic purposes, but officials said they lacked the required permit and will be prosecuted.

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