I’m Clinton Griffiths with today’s AgDay Minute.

The US could be planning to donate around 400-thousand metric tons of emergency food to Ukraine. Sources tell Farm Journal’s ProFarmer the food aid is likely to be wheat. They say the announcement could come as part of President Biden’s trip to Europe later this week. The Wall Street Journal reported that many crops from the most recent harvest in Ukraine are locked down in warehouses behind Russian battle lines. It says Ukrainian farmers are facing the loss of wheat that is already in the ground, and corn crops later this year because they can’t get needed inputs like fuel.

American women’s wages rose 4.4-percent in February compared with the previous year. It comes as lower-wage service sector industries raised pay to attract workers. That’s according to the Atlanta Federal Reserve’s wage tracker. It was the sixth straight month women’s wages outpaced men. But women working full time still earn 83-percent of what men make. And nearly one-out-of-every three workers in the US is making less than 15-dollars per hour. This comes from Oxfam America. The anti-poverty advocacy group says these employees’ annual salary is under 32-thousand dollars.

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