I’m Clinton Griffiths with today’s AgDay Minute.

The White House is announcing a plan to fix and upgrade about 15-thousand highway bridges. The plan would spend 26-and-a-half billion dollars to repair the bridges across the country. The money comes from the new infrastructure law. Transportation officials say fixing the bridges could play a role in helping prevent a future supply chain crisis. The repair program is expected to be rolled out over the next five years.

Something it’s hoped will help alleviate the truck driver shortage in the country right now is an apprenticeship program. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced the launch of the pilot program. It would allow people between 18 and 20 years old to operate commercial motor vehicles for interstate commerce. It says up to 3-thousand people will be able to participate.

French dressing is no longer required to have at least 35-percent vegetable oil. The FDA is revoking a standard set back in 1950 that critics claimed was limited innovation in the foodservice industry. A group called the Association of Dressing and Sauces has been trying to change the rule since 1998. With the old standard of identity gone, French dressing can have less vegetable oil or even more tomato paste in its recipe. And some products labeled “imitation French dressing” can now officially drop the word “imitation”.

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