I’m Clinton Griffiths with today’s AgDay Minute.

There are conflicting reports on just how much more your Thanksgiving meal will cost this year. A New York Times report says it could be the most expensive dinner on record in the holiday’s history. Industry experts blame problems in the supply chain, higher costs of transportation, a shortage of labor, even bad weather. But agriculture economist Jayson Lusk of Purdue University is disputing that. He says because of inflation, prices tend to inch upward every year. He says items such as bread and potatoes were more expensive from 2008-to-2012 than they are today.

Christmas shopping traditionally begins the day after Thanksgiving, and this year looks to be a big year for shoppers. The National Retail Federation is expecting retail sales to be the highest ever. People are expected to spend an average of 648 dollars on gifts plus another 349 dollars on decorations, food, and other items.

The McRib is turning 40 and to celebrate, McDonald’s is giving away one-of-a-kind digital art. The fast-food giant has created a limited number of Non-Fungible Tokens or N-F-T to mark the occasion. An N-F-T is a unique piece of virtual art that cannot be duplicated. The company says ten fans on Twitter will be gifted the digital art in a sweepstake starting Monday.

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