I’m Clinton Griffiths with today’s AgDay Minute.

Shoppers are stocking up again, not on toilet paper, but on health and wellness items. E-commerce provider Instacart says people are increasing buys of items closely associated with the pandemic,  like disinfectant sprays and wipes…along with hand sanitizer and cold medicine. It reports sales were up by 15-percent or more over the past week. Masks sales are up 37-percent over the past three weeks. A spokesperson says they won’t be surprised to see people stock re-stocking their pantries in preparation for more time at home. It comes as COVID infection rates rise again due to the spread of the delta variant.

You could soon be paying more for coffee. Coffee prices, rising to six-year highs, earlier this week on concerns that a recent frost has hurt Brazil’s coffee belt. Last Tuesday, one city declared a state of calamity after severe frost reached municipality’s coffee fields. There are reports there is damage to trees that may impact next year’s crop.

Check out the robot named Annie! She is being used to walk between rows of corn, sunflowers and other crops. Corteva says the robot has potential applications in field testing of both new seed and crop protection solutions. The company says Annie works continuously, going over uneven surfaces and in high temperatures, protecting employees.

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