Allegations against Hillary Clinton


New details surfacing about allegations that could deal a major blow to Hillary Clinton’s race for the white house. The former first lady is being accused of using her power as secretary of state to secure millions in speaking fees and foreign donations for Bill Clinton and the Clinton family foundation. This latest controversy is detailed in Peter Schweizer’s new book, “Clinton Cash”.

Fox News correspondent Doug Mckelway: One of the more puzzling components of what critics say appears to be a quid- pro-quo of US government favors for huge contributions to the Clinton foundation. Is how the price of a speech by former president Bill Clinton climbed astronomically after his wife became Secretary of State.

In his book — “Clinton cash” — author Peter Schweizer describes how fees paid to the former president for speeches in foreign countries often tripled in price, up to 500-thousand dollars, after Mrs. Clinton became secretary of state in 2009. The speeches were delivered in the same time frame that foreign governments sought and received favors that had to be approved by the state department. Schweizer repeated the claim on Fox News Sunday (4/26/2015).

Schweizer responding to Chris Wallace’s question of the lack of hard evidence: “My answer is that it’s extremely troubling, especially the fact that you find it’s a very extensive pattern. There’s not one or two examples. There are 11 instances. And I think when you have one or two examples, it’s a coincidence. When you have this many, to me it’s a trend.”
There is no ostensible proof of a quid-pro-quo or of bribery, but Schweizer says that is often the case with insider trading schemes on Wall Street. Where investigators look for a pattern of behavior or action. Clinton supporters say the former first couple took great pains to keep their foundation, his speech-making, and her role as secretary of state scrupulously transparent.
Former Clinton White House Counsel Lanny Davis: “I can tell you that Bill Clinton has nothing to do, and religiously had a wall between himself and Secretary Clinton when she was Secretary of State.”

In a statement today (4/26) — the Clinton foundation said since secretary Clinton decided to run for president, it is now disclosing all donors on a quarterly basis, instead of a yearly basis. And has announced it will only accept funding from the governments of Australia, Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, and The United Kingdom.

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