Barr threatens to cancel testimony


Attorney general William Barr is threatening to cancel his scheduled testimony this week before the house judiciary committee…

At issue – a dispute about the format of the hearing.

Fox’s molly Lenneberg has more from Washington.

Attorney general William Barr is expected to testify before the senate judiciary committee on Wednesday…

But, whether he also will testify before the house judiciary committee on Thursday…is in doubt.

Because of the way that the hearing is being set up on the house side.


Fox news has learned that house judiciary chairman jerry Nadler wants to have judiciary committee staff… Question the attorney general.  Not just lawmakers.

The justice department takes issue with that…indicating to fox that a-g Barr agreed to be questioned by members of congress – not their staff members.

One gop house judiciary member says this is what democrats will do…if Barr shows up on Thursday.

“they’re gonna spend all their time beating up on Barr and wanting to continue the hoax the president was talking about. Rather than hoax, I think a better word would be projecting. It’s what Clinton made famous. You do something wrong and then you project that conduct on your opponents.”

House judiciary democrats also reportedly want to be able to go into closed session with the attorney general if lawmakers want to ask him about redacted portions of Mueller’s report. 

That doesn’t sit well with the justice department either.

If nothing changes on the house side…according to a house judiciary committee source…. the attorney general has said he will not testify on Thursday.


One democratic member of the senate judiciary committee, and 2020 presidential candidate, is going to bat for her house colleagues.

“they’re gonna have to work that out.  But he must come before the house.  He is the attorney general of the united states.  We haven’t seen him in the senate since his confirmation hearing.”

House judiciary democrats and the justice department are still in discussions about Thursday’s hearings. 

And are expected to resume those talks again on Monday.

In Washington molly Lenneberg, fox news.

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