‘Big Game,’ big antics; everyone tries to stand out on media day

The best thing about media day is also the most stressful thing about it — it’s a free-for-all.

Thousands of reporters had about an hour per team to try to interview everyone that “looks” like a football player.

“It’s kind of wild, man. I’m going to be honest. Nothing you ever saw on TV can kind of prepare you for being here, you know what I’m saying,” said Chas Alecxih, Panthers Defensive Tackle?

During the Super Bowl’s media day, there’s also plenty of people doing their best to stand out in the sea of people.  A man talked to a hand puppet, a man dressed as a superhero, and a man showed up without a face — well, not literally, but he wore a costume that hid his face.

KREX Sports Reporter Andrew Marden: “I gotta ask you, what prompted you to dress like that today?
Man without a face: “The Broncos — Orange, right?! They wear Orange. Their hashtag is united in orange. That’s what prompted me to do it.”

Yes, the Broncos are rooted in Orange, but the man wearing a costume that hides his face must have missed the memo because the Broncos are wearing white Sunday.

Media day usually draws a wide variety of fans.  Take Flula Borg, an actor from Pitch Perfect.  He too was in attendance.

“Are you speaking about Die Hard? Because I’m ready. Watch out, Bruce Willis,” Borg said!

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