Bill Cuts Planned Parenthood Funds

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New legislation from Governor Scott Walker cuts millions of dollars in funding for Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin. The republican governor signed two bills today at a faith based counseling clinic in Waukesha. Fox 25 48’s Jessica Bringe has more.

Changes in funding are in the works for Planned Parenthood as Governor Scott Walker signed two bills aimed at cutting millions in taxpayer’s dollars. In a statement Walker says the move is to withhold money to controversial entities like Planned Parenthood – saying quote:

“Today, we signed two bills into law that prioritize women’s health while improving government and its services to the citizens of Wisconsin,”

While not mentioning the organization by name – Planned Parenthood says it’s clear the health care clinic is being targeted.

“Their motivations were very transparent in that it was targeted only at Planned Parenthood. It was part of a political agenda to really end people’s access to birth control and all reproductive care in Wisconsin.”

One bill limits how much Planned Parenthood can be reimbursed for prescription drugs, stripping it of an estimated $4 million a year. A second measure is expected to cut another $3.5 million in government payments because Planned Parenthood says it provides abortions.

“The fact that legislation was signed that could impact 60,000 people across the state does not help the healthcare of the women or men that we serve.”

The Eau Claire City-County Health Department says Planned Parenthood serves 1500 clients yearly that otherwise wouldn’t have health services

“It costs us money if people don’t have the ability to get HIV tests, and get sexually transmitted infection tests and treatments, if they can’t get early pregnancy test.”

Director Lieske Giese says she’s concerned about the impact the bills will have on access to important health services

“It’s being touted as really saving the state money but the truth is Planned Parenthood won’t be able to include the cost of keeping their doors open in order to provide preventive services.”

In Eau Claire, Jessica Bringe, FOX 25 48 News at 9.

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