Two U.S. Navy Blue Angels touched down at the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport this afternoon ahead of the 2018 air show. Fox 25/48’s Jessica Bringe has details of the visit after talking with one of the members of the elite demonstration flight team.

Come summer of 2018  you’ll want to keep your eyes skyward as the Chippewa Valley Airshow hosts the U.S. Navy Blue Angels.

“I think that getting out and meeting the people in every community and seeing just how happy they are to see us fly is special.”

With six jets — around 80 sailors — and the C-130 “Fat Albert” on the airshow grounds, the Blue Angels say it’s going to be a good way to reach out to communities.

“We try and instill a sense of pride in people when we go out and fly, not just us, but all the demonstration teams and all the performers you’ll see here at the airshow so hopefully people can come out and get that sense of that and a little civic patriotism as well when they see us flying.”

The purpose of this visit is to review expectations and begin preparations for the show in the summer of 2018.

“We want to make sure everything is laid out and we kind of know what’s going on as well as having it run as efficiently as possible so that it looks seamless to the public when they come.”

The event is sponsored by the Chippewa valley Council of the Boy Scouts of America, who will receive all the proceeds of the event which will take place Father’s Day weekend.

“We’re just excited to put on this great community event where families get to come out and enjoy it. I will tell you this as myself even watching the jets land it was like being a 10-year-old boy getting excited about it and watching the planes and all the other events it’s an exciting time for families to spend together.”