Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Sixty percent of people living in Trempealeau County are fully vaccinated, but the health department wants to boost those numbers.

More than 30 new COVID-19 cases were reported in Trempealeau County on Wednesday. Health director Aron Newberry says to get those numbers down, the vaccination rate needs to increase. This is why Newberry’s 5-year-old son received his shot today.

“The holiday season’s coming up right around the corner and being able to get as much of my family vaccinated before we go back home for the holidays to be indoors with some higher risk, more vulnerable family members.”

Newberry expects immunization interest to increase now that children aged 5 to 11 can get vaccinated, but he says parents shouldn’t wait long.

“A lot like last year when the vaccine first came out, the pediatric dose is a lower dose and they’ve been very careful with how it’s managed and processed, and there’s less of it available at the moment. They’re still producing it and it’s coming, but there are no guarantees like there is with the rest of them.”

To help make the vaccine more available, the Trempealeau County health department is holding clinics at schools in Galesville and Independence this weekend. The goal for Newberry is to utilize the strong relationship between the health department and area schools to provide convenient vaccination options.

“They can take advantage of these clinics that we have in our own backyard here in Trempealeau county so that they don’t have to travel 45 minutes to get a shot on a Saturday. They can just go to the school that they went to, making it available, removing as many barriers as possible, and the folks that want it can get it. If you want to get it for your kid and you can’t get an appointment for three or four weeks, come to one of these high school clinics and get it taken care of right away before it’s gone.”

The health department held a similar vaccine clinic in Arcadia on Tuesday, with Newberry saying 144 shots were administered. The Galesville clinic will be held at the Galesville middle school on Friday. St. Peter and Paul catholic church will host the independence clinic this Saturday.