C-Sections & Childhood Leukemia


A new study at the University of Minnesota has found a link between C-sections and childhood leukemia.
FOX’s Jack Highberger has the details.

It’s a procedure so common it requires only a letter and a word. But in recent years, C-sections have come under increased scrutiny.

“We are really just beginning to understand the long-term impacts of C-sections on the offspring.”

Researchers have already discovered a connection between cesarean delivery and asthma, type one diabetes and other chronic conditions. But now researchers at the University of Minnesota are also finding another dangerous link cancer.

“For C-sections that occurred prior to labor or planned C-sections there was an increased risk of ALL.”

Dr. Erin Markotte is part of the team that observed a 23% increase in the risk of one type of leukemia in mothers who underwent pre-labor or so called “planned C-sections.” Researchers analyzed 13 studies with over 30,000 subjects, ruling out any elevated risk in emergency C-sections but finding an elevated risk of acute lymphoblastic leukemia or ALL in planned C-sections.

“Most of these are curable cancers, with the advances that have been made in the last several decades in our treatment, but those treatments come with long-term side effects that are life long.”

And researchers want to make it clear the risk of childhood leukemia remains very low but that said the results of this wide ranging research is cause for consideration.

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