LA CROSSE, Wisc. (WEAU/WLAX) — If frustrations are mounting every time you fill up at the pump., you will soon have an outlet to voice your anger: the ballot box.

With this year’s primary exactly a month away, candidates running for governor on both sides of the aisle are calling for bringing some relief to drivers.

“When you buy a gallon of gas, you’re paying about 31 cents for the state of Wisconsin’s gas tax and about 18 cents a gallon for the federal gas tax,” Governor Tony Evers said.

Evers has called for temporarily getting rid of the federal gas tax, but what about that state tax?”

Republican candidate Tim Michels, Republican opponent Rebecca Kleefisch and Gov. Evers all say they would support a state gas tax holiday; however, economists say fluctuating gas prices mean you won’t notice much of a difference if gas taxes go away.

“That’s a short-term fix,” a local gas station owner said. “It just pushes it down the road. Eventually, we’re going to have to fix the roads.”

On August 9, drivers will put the nozzles down and pick up their primary ballots.