Cell Towers Proposed In La Crosse


More than a dozen cell towers may be put up throughout the city of La Crosse. The Board of Public Works received the proposal from a private company and is now turning to the public for feedback on the idea. Fox 25/48’s Erin O’Brien explains where those towers could be built.

Cell towers could be coming to La Crosse.

A company called Mobilitie which is based out of California, is asking the city for permission to put up 13 cell phone towers throughout the city in the public right of way, meaning the space between the sidewalk and curb.

Most of the proposed locations, listed here, are in residential areas.

The city’s planning department says the towers would stand about 75 feet above the ground.

A street light for instance is usually in that twenty to thirty-foot range so we’re talking something that is over two times the height of something we would typically see in a residential street location.

For mayor Tim Kabat, the proposals are a cause for concern.

“I think there was one of them close to the hospitals, as far as the helicopter, the med flight coming in and out so I think those are some legitimate concerns and then obviously just from a neighborhood quality of life and having these towers in the right of way just what does that do for property values.”

Residents who live within 200 feet of all the proposed locations received a notification about the proposals and also inviting them to a public hearing set for next Monday.

The planning department says there are still a lot of questions about the proposals.

“We’ve had some emails come in with concerns about aesthetics or where is the exact placement of it, does it potentially have an impact on other adjacent facilities like a drive opening, and those are all details that are yet to come.”

It will be up to the board of public works to make a recommendation on the proposal, then the decision will go to city council.

In La Crosse, Erin O’Brien, Fox 25/48 News at Nine.

The board of public works is holding the hearing this Monday, January 23rd at 5:30 p-m in city hall. 

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