Chippewa PD Receives New Vests


Police officers carry about 17 pounds of equipment daily, that ranges from guns to radios, but all that weight is putting a lot of pressure on officers backs.

Now a new method two departments are trying out will hopefully provide some relief.

Chippewa Falls PD has been using the vests for about year and just this month the Caddott Police Department joined the growing trend.

Local health care professionals say by wearing the vest, officer’s weight is distributed more evenly unlike the old belts which pulled down on officers hips and backs.

Rob Teuteberg with the Chippewa Falls Police Department says many of his officers prefer to wear the vests rather than the belts.

Rob Teutuberg: “They absolutely love wearing these, they are more comfortable and they like the fit and how they move in them, again it takes a lot of pressure of the hips and they feel better.”

Each vest weights about 17 pounds and costs more than 400 dollars.

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