After tragedy struck the Chippewa valley with the death of three Girl Scouts and a mom , the community put out a call for action. On Sunday, community members rolled up their sleeves to do what Girl Scouts do best, come together to serve their community.

Community clean up in honor of Troop 3055.

This group of volunteers is ready to the streets to do some spring cleaning.

“Trash, recyclables and anything in the ditches that doesn’t belong,” said Matt Asplund, a volunteer from Boaters Choice Marine.

But first a safety talk and then the reason they are all here, a moment of silence for the Girl Scouts that lost their lives. After that, they are ready to work by starting at Bravo salon parking lot and then out to the road to clean up.

“We thought we wanted to do something where we actually physically got outside of our doors and reached out into the community a little bit and with recent tragedies this is just something that touched very close to us,” said Jenteny Gunderson, the spa manager at Bravo.

Bravo reached out to the community to help them clean up as well as area businesses like Boaters Choice Marine.

“Everybody really jumped on board; we pretty much have our full team here,” Asplund added.

Even though it was raining, windy and cold but they had a mission to clean these streets in honor of Girl Scout Troop 3055 and that’s just what they did.

“I’m actually really impressed with the number of bodies that came out and I am super excited about it,” Gunderson said.

Truly demonstrating the support this community has for the Girl Scouts and their families.

“This our way of honoring that troop and the girls and their efforts by going out and picking up exactly where they left off,” Gunderson added.

The community is following in their footsteps and serving their community.