The Buffalo County Fair was held in Mondovi earlier this month. Noelle Anderson takes us back in time with a historic look at the fair. With 141 years and counting, the Buffalo County Fair has a long and vibrant history with the goal of improving agriculture, creative arts, and sciences.

Although the mission has stayed consistent, there have been many other changes over the past decades.

“I’m actually a third generation. My dad showed as a kid, I showed, and now my oldest is in the last year of showing.”

Buffalo County Fair associate secretary, Wendy Olson, says the fair has become more than just a family tradition.

“It’s almost like Christmas. You get so excited for the fair. I have friends that I have made through 4-H when I was a kid and now we are parents and our kids are experiencing. It’s the time of year when you come together and finally get to see each other and catch up. It gives the kids a great opportunity.” 

The 4-H program in Buffalo County works year round to make sure youth projects get featured thoughout the weekend.

“It’s educational not only to the youth but also to the people who come to the fair. There’s crops, there’s photography, there’s foods, arts, and crafts. The kids learn more skills by making those things and then other people can come in and see what the youth are doing in our community.”

Rachel Hovey, along with showing, is also working as an intern at the fair.

“It’s just a great learning experience. I’ve learned so much about myself and the others; make great friends and connections.”

Each year, fair organizers make sure there’s something new and exciting at the fair. Something to keep people coming back year to year. And this year it’s live music, exhibits, and updated facilities.

“It brings everyone together. Old friendships are renewed and new friendships are made throughout the fair weekend.

In Buffalo County, Noelle Anderson, Fox 25/48 News at Nine.

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