After six hours of deliberation, a Dunn County jury delivered the verdict in the trial of the man accused of killing a UW-Stout student.

The jury found Cullen Osburn guilty of aggravated battery and not guilty of felony murder in the death of Hussain Saeed Alnahdi.

Alnahdi died from a brain injury following a possible fight in downtown Menomonie in October of 2016. 
During closing arguments Tuesday, prosecuting attorney Robert Kaiser said Alnahdi should have been celebrating Halloween. “Instead of festive, it was fatal. His night ended fatally because the defendant, Cullen Osburn, chose to brutalize a person he did not know,” said kaiser.

The defense argued that there are no concrete eyewitnesses, video or physical evidence there even was a fight, and said Alnahdi could have fallen before meeting Osburn given Alnahdi’s drunken state.