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Less than 40 percent of parents say they know whether or not their daycare has a method of identifying children during an evacuation. That’s according to a study from the University of Michigan. Daycare centers say while they may be well prepared for these situations, their plans are less likely to work if parents aren’t aware of them. Fox 25-48’s Jessica Bringe has the story.

“It’s a fire drill we’re going to stand up and go outside.”

The children at Days Gone By Early Learning know steps to take in an emergency situation

“It’s just a very familiar practice so if something would actually happen the children wouldn’t be terrified of what was going on.”

But a survey from the University of Michigan shows parents don’t know those steps nearly as well.

“It’s always important to know about the safety of your children

Mother of two Kayla Germann says while safety is a priority, she isn’t aware of the emergency protocol at Days Gone By.

“I guess I’ve just never thought to ask what it is

With only 37-percent of parents knowing the details of their child’s daycare emergency plan, owner of Days Gone By Lorelei Wallerius says it’s not surprising parents don’t have the handbook memorized.

“You peruse it and you put it aside and that’s probably the last time that most parents look at those things.

Wallerius says the center can help protect kids though security measures like mirrored glass doors and fingerprint scanners but when it comes to unpredictable emergency situations she says both parents and teachers need to be prepared.

“Anytime you have an emergency situation it’s going to cause disruption to a child’s day and routines so it’s going to be scary for them.”

And while some parents like Katie are aware of the protocol

“Knowing that there are drills and that there’s also a written plan and that’s it’s thought about prior to it happening.”

Wallerius says more need to be so there isn’t mass confusion during a crisis.

“It’s something that we as parents need to know and we need to have that information and peace of mind more than anything.”

In Eau Claire, Jessica Bringe, Fox 25-48 News at 9.

The state requires daycares to monitor the rules and regulations on emergency situations like fire and tornado drills.

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