District Attorney Speaks on Closs Case


Immediately following Jake Patterson’s initial appearance the Barron County district attorney held a news conference.

In his opening statement Brian Wright emphasized that Patterson is innocent until proven guilty however he said his prosecution team will work hard to make sure justice is served for James, Denise and Jayme Closs.

The Douglas County district attorney was also present during the press conference. D.A. Mark Fruehauf said the office is reviewing whether additional charges will be filed against Patterson in Douglas. Wright did say there will be no other charges filed in Barron County.

At this point Wright says there have been no motions filed for mental health testing for Patterson. When questioned about Patterson’s seemingly random actions in choosing Jayme as a target Wright said more information will come out during the court proceedings.

He went on to commend Jayme for her bravery and reiterate that he will seek justice for the Closs family.

Wright said, “It’s extremely important because we are seeking justice. We have two parents of a 13 year old who are deceased. we had a 13-year-old who was abducted for 88 days against her will, forcibly, it doesn’t get more serious than that and I assure you all of these prosecutors here, all of us, want to get justice for James and Denise as well as for Jayme.”

Wright said at this point he has every confidence the case will go to trial however he said it remains to be seen whether or not Jayme would take the stand to testify.

“She’s 13-years-old and if you read the criminal complaint you can see the amount of control he was exerting over her and at some point she found it within herself at 13-years-old to say, ‘I’m going to get myself out of this situation.’ It’s just incredible,” added Wright.

We did try and reach out to Patterson’s attorney for comment but the defense was unavailable after his court appearance.

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