Dozens Killed In Brussels Terrorist Attack


The terror group ISIS is claiming responsibility for this morning’s rush hour attacks at an airport and metro station in Brussels, Belgium. So far, those attacks, have claimed more than two dozen lives and injured scores of others.  And tonight, police there are asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspects.
FOX News correspondent, Leland Vittert, is in Washington with the latest.

A shelter in place order for the residents of Brussels has been lifted, and mass transit is slowly getting back up and running. This after a deadly terror attack at mass transit hubs during this morning’s rush hour commute.

Just hours after two explosions ripped through Brussels International Airport, and a third bombing at a nearby metro station moments later, Belgian police releasing this image, caught on a security camera inside the Brussels airport, showing three men – two of them wearing gloves on only their left hand – who are believed to be connected to this morning’s deadly attack.
“The second one (explosion) was near by the Starbucks counter. I was running away from that explosion, but I thought there would be a third one, so I did not know where to go.”

Police say at least one undetonated suicide vest was found at the airport, and they’re looking into whether a suitcase bomb packed with nails was also used. The perpetrators targeted areas of the terminal before the security checkpoints.
Today’s attack prompting U.S. airports and rail stations to re-examine their security procedures, despite the Obama administration saying there is no evidence of an imminent threat to the homeland.
“We will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally, Belgium, in bringing to justice those who are responsible.”

“As of now, there have been at least nine Americans known to be injured in the attacks. They include a U.S. service member and his family and three Mormon missionaries from Utah.

In Washington, Leland Vittert, FOX News.”

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