Eau Claire Firefighters Install Free Smoke Detectors in Homes


Members of the Eau Claire Fire and Rescue team are rolling up their sleeves to help install free smoke detectors donated by the Red Cross.

“Assess the house to see what detectors you have, if they are still good, if they are in a good location and then figure out where to put the new ones,” said Eau Claire Fire Inspector Jason Knecht.

Firefighters are helping homeowners find the perfect location to install the potentially life saving devices.

“You want to avoid the kitchen area because you don’t want it to go off every time that you cook or the bathroom area too from the steam from the shower would also set it off,” said Knecht.

Experts say the minimum amount of smoke detectors should be one on each floor, but ideally you should have one in each bedroom.

“It’s very, very important to get that early notification of any sort of problem in a house,” said Knecht.

Local firefighters are going into homes before an emergency to make sure the detectors are up to date.

“All detectors are good 10 years from the date of manufacture so if they are more than 10 years old, they should be replaced as well,” said the fire inspector.

And Eau Claire Inspector Jason Knecht said even though it may sound when you test it – all detectors have a shelf life and should be replaced after 10 years.

“I didn’t realize that one was actually expired, although it still functioned it is going to be less effective and now we all have one in our individual bedrooms so we have better coverage now so that’s a good feeling,” said homeowner Joshua Miller.

By simply putting in a couple of screws, homeowners can sleep a little better at night.

The fire department has already installed more than 80 smoke detectors. A limited supply is still available, but you can contact the fire department if you’re interested.

Firefighters plan to start the program up again in the fall.

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