Internet Safety In The Classroom


An incident involving inappropriate sexual content found on an elementary school tablet is sparking conversations about internet safety in the classroom.

With technology becoming more widespread in every day classroom, monitoring internet safety is becoming a major concern for schools and parents.

The mother of a third-grade student at Sherman Elementary School, who does not want to be identified, says her daughter was able to access inappropriate sexual content on her school tablet last week, primarily through the website YouTube. 

The principal of the elementary school, Joel Dimmock says the incident was brought to his attention. He says the district uses a filter system designated for each grade level to catch inappropriate content.

Students grades 3 through 5 use an iPad with internet access in the classroom. The mom of the student who viewed the inappropriate content says the third grader signed forms at the beginning of the year agreeing to act appropriately on their devices, including a promise to stay safe on the internet and to report if I or someone else accidentally opens an inappropriate website or page, but also says parents were not made aware that their kids would be using the tablets.

Dimock says starting in kindergarten the school has digital literacy curriculum which teaches them skills to be safe on the internet. Dimock says another student did the right thing by reporting the incident to the teacher.

In response, the school sent out a weekly newsletter including information that provides internet safety resources for parents and students.

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