Electoral College Votes Monday


We’re now standing on the eve of history. The electoral college convenes tomorrow to finalize one of the most contentious elections in recent history. public pressure remains.

Amid a last-ditch effort to keep mister trump from the white house. Tomorrow, 538 electors will gather at state capitols across America. 306 of them, are expected to cast their votes for mister Trump. That’s the number of electoral votes he won on election night. But the anti-trump backlash on the electors is very real.

Fox News correspondent Caroline Shively reports.

538 electors will meet across the country tomorrow to make the presidential election official, but there is growing pressure to flip some of them.

To keep President Elect Trump out of the white house. If 37 republican electors flip, then mister Trump won’t have the 270 electoral votes to officially win.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do Monday. I may vote for secretary Clinton or I may vote for a republican that 37 republican electors would want me to vote for.”

Now, that’s coming from a elector bound to Hillary Clinton. Democrats are now under pressure from some corners, as well, to vote for a Republican other than Trump, sweeping someone else into office.

Election watchers say all of this is the longest of long shots. 29 states actually have laws that bind the electors to the candidate chosen by the voters in their states, and it is very rare for even one elector to change votes in a given year.

“We have got one particular individual in Texas without a faithless elector statute in Texas. But other than that, we are very confident that everything is going to be very smooth tomorrow. And this harassment from groups like moveon.org and the Democrat party should stop and that is what the American people demand.”

if 37 electors did switch from trump to someone else, then, it’s up to the House of Representatives would to pick the president, and the house is controlled by Republicans. so, in the end this is most likely just an interesting civics lesson.

But this has been the election where anything can happen.

Here in Wisconsin, members are expected to stick with Donald Trump. Trump won Wisconsin and its 10 electoral votes in the November 8th election. But since then, Wisconsin’s members say they’ve received thousands of emails, phone calls and letters trying to get them to express public disagreement.

In a report published today, the state Republicans said they’re not being persuaded by the national movement to break the ranks in an effort to stop the President-Elect from becoming the president

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