CITY POINT, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – The Black River has gone from a major to moderate flood stage. But Wednesday night, towns in Jackson County still saw about 7 inches of rain. Jackson County Emergency Management Coordinator, Jack Workman, says, “If you follow the path of some of the major rivers like the Black River, the East Fork of the Black River, those seem to be where more of the significant flooding is. But we do have some areas that are lower lying in the county that do also have impacts with flooding.”

After a few days of heavy rains in Jackson County, the flooding has caused some road closures like the one behind me, leaving some 30 residents stranded in their homes. Resident Mark Andrews says, “I came through here yesterday morning and there was two feet of water. The culvert was two feet above the water level. And I came back about 1130. And the water was about two inches from going over the road. And then after that, it just kept getting higher and higher. And it was eventually about eight into the water, going over the road, over here to the to the south. And later on in the day, a little hole developed right here, right behind the sign. And it kept getting bigger and bigger. And then pretty soon this whole side was gone.”

Anderson is among those stuck in their homes until a temporary road can be made. He says this is the first time he’s seen this much flooding on these roads and thinks it may be due to a dam break at a cranberry marsh nearby, “We just flew a drone up there, and it looks like there may be a little bit of water that came from there that added to this problem the way the water came up so fast but there’s still a lot of water held back up there. The gate that goes over there is private property and the gate is closed, so we can’t really go check on it.”

City Point officials have been in contact with them and are working to gain access in case of an emergency. Workman explains, “Everyone had been doing fine. They have supplies to last them a couple of days. And then the City Point elected officials were working to get some of the emergency measures in so that they could get a temporary road or some kind of passable environment so that people could get out and or in if need be.”

The Jackson County Emergency Management Coordinator (Workman) is also warning people to drive slow on the roads this weekend as the combination of wet roads and cool temperatures could cause black ice.