MASON, Wis. (WFRV) – Known for his spiked hair and sunglasses, Guy Fieri is spilling his secrets about the best restaurant in Wisconsin.

According to the King of Flavortown, Delta Diner in Mason is Guy Fieri’s favorite restaurant in the state of Wisconsin.

Delta Diner is everything you’d imagine at a classic roadside diner. From the retro sign out front to the long row of stools at the counter, Guy Fieri raves about the full menu of biscuits, pancakes, burgers, and shakes.

During his trip to the diner, Fieri reportedly ordered the homemade biscuits with red eye gravy and called it “Crazytown… which is right next to Flavortown.”

“Staying steadfast in this honest approach has allowed us to grow, develop great relationships with our like-minded customers, and enjoy a good day’s work, every day,” said officials on Delta Diner’s website. “We look forward to sharing this experience with all who choose to make the journey to our little diner.”

For more details about Delta Diner, you can visit the restaurant’s website here.