GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The wait is over for Packers fans as Aaron Rodgers has finally announced his intentions of leaving the Pack to play for the New York Jets.

Local 5 spent the day talking to fans about how they feel about saying goodbye to number 12 after 18 years. Here are some of their reactions:

“I kind of expected it because I think the Packers want to move on and I think he wants to move on too.”

Blake Abtitz, Princeton

“I feel if he can win a Super Bowl here, then I’d feel sad because that’d be good for us and him, but if he can do that [in New York], and it’s a good for his career, I’m still a huge Aaron Rodgers lover and supporter.”

Thomas Brice, Green Bay

“I wish he would stay. I think he was given the short end of the stick at the last season because all of his good receivers were all beginners.”

Bill Mencheski, Green Bay

“I think it’s time for him to go because I think in my mind, I got full Aaron Rodgers constantly and I’m sick of it. Get rid of him, put in [Jordan] Love.”

Christopher Handler, Green Bay

“A little heartbroken. He brought the Lombardi Trophy back, but then again, he’s going with a lot of his buddies. I’m to the point where ‘Go Pack Go’, let’s rebuild.”

Kathy Rasmussen, Neenah

When it comes to Jordan Love, many are excited about the future.

“Honestly, I think [Love’s] going to do good. He did play that one time and he was doing a good job.”

Vicki Wruck, Birnamwood

“With what I’ve seen of Jordan Love, he’s got an arm, he’s got a great set of hands. He can probably do just as good as Aaron.”

Christopher Handler

While Rodgers says his intentions are to play with the Jets, the official announcement of his move has yet to be confirmed.