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Florida is being battered by a monster hurricane that could affect nearly the entire sunshine state with heavy rain, strong winds and flooding. Fox News correspondent Joel Waldman is in Miami with more.

Irma is a massive hurricane — making its way from the Florida Keys — up to here in Miami. Bringing along with it ferocious winds and fierce rains. Winds up to 130 miles per hour knocking out power to over a million people…even toppling huge construction cranes in downtown Miami.

Perhaps the biggest danger is the storm surge — expected to be up to 15 feet in some areas.

“This is a life-threatening situation. Remember, in southwest Florida, the storm surge comes after the strongest winds. Do not think the storm is over when the wind slows down.”

Six and a half million residents have been ordered to evacuate… it’s one of the largest emergency evacuations in American history. Over 127,000 people taking refuge in more than 500 shelters across the state…but despite all the warnings — some residents choosing to ride out the storm.

“Why didn’t you evacuate?”

“No need to. Not for me. I’ve lived here my entire life. I’ve been through all these storms.”

The federal government pledging to send its full resources to help Florida and other states hit by Irma.

“FEMA has been incredible, we’re working very well with the governor and the other governors in surrounding states. The bad news is, this is some big monster.”

Whitecaps continue to break on the streets of downtown Miami. Hurricane Irma bringing with it whipping winds and just buckets of rain by no means is this city cleared just yet, the storm surge continuing to be a major problem.

Reporting from downtown Miami, Joel Waldman, Fox News.

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