Hurricane Katrina 10 Years Later


Powerful words from the most powerful man on earth. President Obama arrived in New Orleans ten years after hurricane Katrina. As we hear from Fox News correspondent Casey Stegall, Mister Obama praised the resilience of the people along the gulf coast.

Some citizens lost everything when Katrina hit. The levees broke. And the lower ninth ward flooded. People trapped inside of attics and on rooftops as the flood waters rose and help seemed so far away. The world watched as the most powerful nation on earth couldn’t even get food and fresh water to people in one of America’s largest cities.

“There are just a lot of empty lots out here.”

“I just want President Obama to make us whole.”

On ground that had been under water a decade ago the president said Katrina left devastation not seen before in the United States.

“This was something that was supposed to never happen maybe somewhere else but not here, not in America.”

But president Obama says the storm revealed another tragedy that had been brewing for decades.

“Came to realize that what started out as a natural disaster became a manmade one – a failure of government to look out for its own citizens.”

It’s taken ten years and cost 14-billion dollars to build up the levee system. New Orleans is a city built below sea level and the levees serve as flood walls. When those walls failed the Crescent City was swamped. But now New Orleans officials say they are prepared for a hundred year storm.

President Obama’s visit is part of what is being called his eleven day climate change tour. Other stops along the trip include Nevada and Alaska.

In New Orleans, I’m Casey Stegall FOX News.

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