Iraqi Forces Advance On Isis In Mosul

Iraqi Forces Advance On Isis In Mosul_27938990-159532

As Iraqi forces continue to advance on the Isis stronghold of Mosul…

It’s not just enemy militants that are dragging out the fight.

Fox news correspondent Conor Powell reports from Jerusalem.

Iraqi troops continued their advance against Isis in Mosul this weekend

With special forces troops retaking several neighborhoods in the eastern part of the city.

But desperate and war weary civilians are also slowing the offensive.

Iraqi commanders say fights over food and medical supplies have broken out between starving civilians who have lived under Isis’s brutal regime for nearly two years.

Some 60-thousand people have escaped Mosul in recent weeks,

But hundreds of thousands more remain trapped between the advancing Iraq troops and Isis fighters.

As Iraqi forces consolidate their gains, they are also being attacked by suicide bomber and Isis snipers.

Tensions are also rising between the different ethnic groups fighting Isis.

Iraq’s Shiite government calling on the Kurdish Peshmerga forces to hand over territory they’ve seize in Mosul to the Iraqi military.

While Shiite militias are also being urged to withdraw from the recently liberated Sunni city of Tel Afar to prevent sectarian bloodshed

In Jerusalem Conor Powell Fox News.

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