ISIS Attacks Continue

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A horrific start to the week in Baghdad, where more than 150 people are dead following a truck bombing in a busy shopping center over the weekend. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack that is one of the deadliest attacks in the country in more than a decade. FOX News correspondent John Huddy has our story.

The site of Saturday’s Baghdad bombing remains one of horror and heartbreak. Bodies continue to be pulled from the rubble of the charred buildings. Some were incinerated in the explosion. Officials say the victims include at least 25 children, and entire families that were wiped out.

“We were smelling flowers from a distance, now we are smelling dead bodies.

The attack happened close to midnight Saturday in the bustling shopping district of Karrada in central Baghdad. Iraqi officials say a refrigerator truck loaded with explosives rammed into a crowded upscale market area. Saturday night was particularly busy with young people and families shopping for the ‘Eid al-Fitr celebration marking the end of Ramadan this week.

“Is this the ‘Eid we should celebrate? People came to buy clothes to celebrate ‘Eid. Now they are buying coffins. They’re buying coffins. May god punish those who are responsible.”

ISIS has threatened to carry out attacks during the Muslim holy month. Saturday’s was among a series of others in Baghdad recently. But it was the deadliest this year in Iraq, and one of the worst single bombings since 2007, showing ISIS still has the capabilities to carry out these attacks.

Still, Iraqi PM Haider Al-Abadi maintains ISIS is losing ground, using the recent recapture of Fallujah as an example. And adding that his counter-terrorism forces are breaking up terror cells.  It’s little consolation to those impacted by the attacks.

Al-Abadi visited the bomb site Sunday. He was met by not by supporters, but angry protesters hurling rocks, shoes and insults, calling him a “liar” and a “thief” and screaming at him to leave.

The attacks didn’t stop Saturday. Sunday morning, four people were killed, more than a dozen others injured during a bombing in east Baghdad.

And then earlier today, seven people were killed, more than two dozen others injured during separate attacks in the city as well.

And we are also learning about fourteen rockets that were fired at and landed in the vicinity of Baghdad airport earlier this evening. It’s unclear if that was something carried out by ISIS. What is clear is that ISIS continues to have the capability to launch these massive attacks.

In Jerusalem, John Hurdy, FOX News.

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