BROOKFIELD, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – A nursing home in Brookfield threw a party Saturday, a COVID-19 vaccine disco party. Cherney Amhara tells us about a group of residents excited to get back to some form of normal after receiving their first dose of the vaccine.

“It’s like a party. I’ll have a vodka martini, by the way,” said 86-year-old Navy Veteran Robert Fischer, who is at Congregational Home for physical rehabilitation.

But the guests of honor at Brookfield’s Congregational Home were Walgreens and the Moderna vaccine.

“Our nursing home residents have endured 10 months of not being able to see their families. This is just the first step towards changing that,” said Catherine Solakian, Director of Admissions at Congregational Home.

She’s talking about residents such as Fischer, who went there two months ago for physical rehabilitation and hasn’t been able to hug his wife since.

“She’s in a vestibule glass-enclosed, and they give us cellphones. We both have masks on. I cannot see her. I mean, I can’t get close to her, but at least I see her, you know?” Fischer said.

His wife though is ready for more.

“Another thing she says is, ‘I can’t wait until you get home so I can start hollering at you again.’ I say, boy, oh boy,'” Fischer said.

Saturday was the first of three COVID-19 vaccine clinics at Congregational Home, where a total of 308 staff and residents are eligible for the shot.

“We’re nearing almost 100% with our residents, and we want to near 75% with our staff,” Solakian said.

“I was happy, and it didn’t hurt,” Congregational Home resident Jean Hartwig said.

As Fischer said, it’s a little prick for a lot of protection.

“It’s like nothing, you know. You don’t even feel it,” Fischer said.

The home’s goal is to get all of their skilled nursing and residents vaccinated.