EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Carson Park has been called Eau Claire’s crown jewel as it creates a lot of traffic for fun and outdoor recreation in the city.

Tuesday night the Eau Claire City Council passed a master plan that will make big changes to the area. Those include a new sports complex, replacing the current football field with a multi-sports space that would act as a baseball and softball field.

There are also plans to add tennis courts, new football and soccer fields. Improvements would also be made to Half-Moon Beach, all in effort to create space and upgrades for the outdoor recreation that has seen a large increase in use during the pandemic.

Terry Weld, City Council President said, “The demand on the sport fields is there now and i would imagine would continue to grow but were going to have to work with our community’s partners they’re going to dictate how (cue) quickly we move on these.”

It’s important to note, too that the master plan that passed is flexible.

It can be expected to change to fit the city’s budget once development actually begins, which right now there is no timeline for.