A Wisconsin chapter of habitat for humanity received $130,000 dollars during a presentation Thursday, and the chapter is wasting no time putting it to use.

Larson Manufacturing announced the donation toward Greater Green Bay’s Habitat for Humanity.

The non-profit says the donation will go toward building the chapter’s 116th new home.

Organizers with habitat for humanity say this single donation will go a long way.

“People believing in our mission is really why this was able to happen,” said Executive Director Cora Haltaufderheid. “So that’ll buy the brick, the doors, the windows…all of that becomes all for this cost of a home. And that just checks off one more thing we can do in the coming year.”

Larson Manufacturing is a storm door and window-based company out of South Dakota.

The company held a contest — where the winner chose the next Habitat for Humanity to receive funding and Wisconsin was selected.