La Crosse residents might remember the Myrick Park Zoo, which closed eight years ago after several decades of operation. Tonight, Fox 25/48’s Erin O’Brien tells us about one group who’s trying to bring the zoo back.

Sue Lacoste has lived in La Crosse her whole life. She has fond memories of going to the Myrick park zoo growing up, so she was upset nearly 10 years ago when the zoo closed.

A lot of broken hearts.

That’s why she’s at the forefront of efforts to bring the zoo back, serving as the president of a new nonprofit organization called Myrick Park Community.

The group wants to rebuild the zoo in three different phases. She estimates that it would cost about ten million dollars to get everything up and running. It will take several years to build it, but the earliest you might see animals coming to La Crosse would be the summer of 2017.

“It’s going to be like a zoo sanctuary, or rehabilitation center. Animals that can’t be returned to the wild. Or even animals that are in overcrowded zoos that aren’t necessarily needing a sanctuary but if their only choice is to be put down we want to take them.”

The last remaining structure of the old Myrick Park Zoo is this old duck house, which has since been roped off because it’s deteriorating and becoming unsafe. But the group has a plan for this too.

“We decided that we’re going to try to go for a nomination to make it a historical structure. If it does go through that means that it has to be restored to the specifications that it was before, as much as it can be to the original.”

And preserving history and making memories is their goal.

“The memories that we share between my family, my mother, my grandparents, there is no reason why our generation of kids now, and then their kids should have the same memories, and that’s my goal. We need that here.”

In La Crosse, Erin O’Brien FOX 25 48 News at 9.

The new nonprofit group is accepting donations. For more information you can check out