Jackson County is hiring some new employees to start off 2016. Right now there are multiple job openings throughout the county in a few different departments.  Fox 25-48’s Neil Hebert has the story.

Jackson County will be going through the hiring process quite frequently in the coming weeks. 

“It could be workload, it could be mentoring, and it could be for a number of reasons.”

And those reasons were enough for the county and department-specific committees to go ahead and create six new jobs throughout Jackson County including three within the health and human services department.

“We have added some positions for 2016 that are currently being recruited for. We’ve added a social worker three it in our behavioral health unit and a social worker three in our children and family unit and a business clerk in our business unit.”

Some new positions that have opened up for Jackson County are due to new programs and some are due to retirement.

Health and human services director Beth Smetana says her department has been able to take part in a couple regional groups that have positively affected Jackson County.

“We’ve been able to save money, but we’re doing the right thing for Jackson county residents by creating programs hopefully that can assist them to stay in the community, to get services rather than ending up in a placement.”

Smetana says the positions were all figured in to their 2016 budget.

In Jackson County, Neil Hebert, Fox 25-48 News at 9.