A domestic dispute that resulted in a school lockdown and a standoff with Ladysmith police was resolved peacefully this morning.

The Ladysmith police department received a call around seven this morning from a woman claiming her husband was threatening the life of her and her two children. When the department arrived at the home of Jesse Walczak on fifth street north in Ladysmith, they say he refused to come out.

Walczak apparently had firearms in the home, and was threatening to harm police, himself, and his family after numerous attempts. Even using gas. Officers were able to get Walczak to leave his home and arrested him without injuries we found out he had mental health issues from before, he does not want to ever come out the residence if someone asks him to come out, family was very concerned about his welfare.

3 since the kids were students at Ladysmith elementary and middle school, police say they called for a lockdown, just as a safety precaution

Walczak is currently being held in rusk county jail on a felony warrant police say they’re searching the home for drugs and are still investigating the incident before recommending charges.