Wisc. (WLAX/WEUX) – Wisconsin school districts are continuing to struggle with the impacts of the pandemic, but a new round of funding may help address those concerns.

When governor Tony Evers signed the state’s budget this summer, more than 400 million dollars was invested in school aid. Despite that amount, Evers was still unsatisfied, so he’s using federal dollars to provide additional funding. More than 100 million dollars of federal coronavirus relief money is being divided between school districts across the state.

“We’re worried about the effect this pandemic had on our kids, we’re worried about making sure they get caught up after some tough semesters, and we’re worried about making sure our kids have the support they need to be successful.”, said Evers.

In Holmen, the district is set to receive half of a million dollars with few restrictions on how the money can be spent.

District administrator Kristin Mueller said, “We will be able to increase the number of staff to allow for more individualized attention to students, we will be able to provide for our staff to increase our capacity and our skillset in the area of social-emotional learning.”

Mueller says students will see the impact of the additional dollars.

“We will be able to add more hours through things such as Saturday school, after school tutoring, along with enhancing our summer school opportunities for our students and providing more services during the school day.”, said Mueller.

Even though it’s up to the districts on how to use the funding, Evers hopes a growing concern in the state is addressed.

“Some of this money can be used for mental and behavioral health services, that is something that has exploded as far as a need across the state of Wisconsin. Will this 100 million dollars solve that issue? Absolutely not, it’s an ongoing issue.”, said Evers.

The money is a one-time allotment, and there is no deadline on when it needs to be used. The La Crosse school district is receiving more than 800,000 dollars, and over one million in funding is going towards the Eau Claire area school district.