CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – With spaghetti, garlic bread, and cookies on the menu, the McDonell Central Catholic High School is holding its 16th annual Spaghetti Spectacular. Chair of the McDonell Spaghetti Spectacular, Katrina Geissler, explains, “It is a great way to get the Macks community together. It also helps bring the outside community in, learn about the system, what we do here.”

The Spaghetti Spectacular raises money for the school, helping departments or classrooms needing more support. 150 students volunteered at the meal, including Miles Flanagan. He says, “I’ve been working this thing for, oooh, six years now. And it’s I mean, it’s just helped a lot with just people’s skills, communicating and just kind of getting outside of your comfort zone a little bit and talking to new people. There’s our community here. We kind of like helping out a lot. I mean, we have a lot of fundraisers and there are a lot of people that are willing to spend money and help out our school.”

With this event falling on Veterans Day Weekend, the school uses it as an opportunity to commemorate the veterans of the community. Geissler says, “We have a lot of veterans who have been through the McDonell’s system. We have a lot of students who have family members. So, it’s important for us to recognize them. our middle school and high school students will be putting on a little program in honor of veterans. We’ve asked students to bring in pictures and information and about any family members. We did send out invites this year, inviting veterans from the veteran’s home, hoping they’ll come in and see it. So that’s been a very nice addition since this event always falls around veteran’s time. So, our way to honor them.”

Geissler predicts that they will sell around 800 to 900 meals to the community.