ELEVA, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – A festival in the area is giving back to the homeless veterans and community members in need. The annual Cleghorn Harvest Fest is wrapping up their 20th year. From car shows to silent auctions, to live music and food, the Cleghorn Lions Club is always adding new things each year. Especially for families with kids.

Lions Club chair member, Jason Vieth says thousands of people attend this event every year, “The car show, we’ve been continuing on for quite a few years and tractors, motorcycles are also involved trucks as well, which is really cool. It’s not just a car show strictly. It’s unreal how many we got this year. Last year we had 168 entries. I’m expecting probably close to the same this year if not more.”

Vieth says the event is estimated to raise around 15 to 16 thousand dollars this year.