COVID-19 cases rising in 21 states

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(WLAX/WEUX) – At least 21 states have a higher number of new COVID-19 cases than they did a week ago, and researchers at the University of Washington are now predicting as many as 29-hundred deaths a day in December. Polo Sandoval reports.

A CNN analysis of data from Johns Hopkins University shows only three U.S. states are reporting a decline in new COVID-19 cases compared to last week.

As of Saturday night, new cases were down in Texas, Missouri, and South Carolina. While 21 states reported a rise in cases and a little more than half held steady compared with the week before. Researchers at the University of Washington are now predicting as many as 2,900 deaths a day in December.

Dr. Chris Murray, Director of Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, University of Washington said, “The reason we think that’s going to happen is the combination of people, you know, taking their foot off the break and starting to mingle more, being less careful and most importantly seasonality.”

Wisconsin reported a record number of 2,892 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday, including 19 deaths.

Governor Tony Evers said on social media the surges seen across the state were “not an indication that masks don’t work.”

Meantime, California has now passed 16,000 deaths. In Illinois, the state reported nearly two-and-a-half-thousand new cases in 24 hours, and 31 deaths. In Tennessee: 1,192 cases and 45 deaths, and in South Carolina, 649 new cases and 31 deaths on Saturday.

The University of Washington now projecting 363,000 U.S. deaths by the end of the year.

Murray said, “Given all we know about the effectiveness of masks, and given what we know about half of Americans wearing masks when they’re out, we think that about 86,000 lives can be saved if we can get mask use way up. So, it’s very much in our control as to what’s actually going to happen.”

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